Monday, April 5, 2010

America’s Socialist Congress Using Stalinist Tactics

America’s Socialist Congress Using Stalinist Tactics
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet
America’s new Socialist Congress is flexing its Stalinist muscles and scooping up the leadership of a number of America’s business giants and forcing them to Washington to an inquisition, which is designed to do two things. One: To make an example of these chosen corporations -- and two: To put the fear of God -- well, allow me rephrase that – to put the fear of the new Soviet-style socialist government into all Americans. The message is: keep your mouth shut and do not question the Obama Regime’s socialist machinations or those of the socialist/democrat congress.
There is a funny; sort of bittersweet, story, which demonstrates what our new socialist Congress, and the Obama Regime, is doing in America today. It is said that once, in the old Soviet Socialist Russia, the Chairman was delivering a speech in Red Square. He was expounding upon the benefits of socialism and how all the soviet peoples were benefiting from it and how even more benefits were in the pipeline to make the lives better for the proletariat.

The Chairman was really getting “into” his speech and had become wound-up in his zeal and began ticking off the many things that the socialist system would provide for “the workers.” At one point the Chairmen said: “Every single soviet family will have a washing machine! If you don’t have a washing machine, let me know, and it will be taken care of!”

A hand shot up near the back of the crowd, The Chairman stopped his rant and pointing to the man with his hand up said: “Yes? What is your name?”

The man answered: “Ivan.”

The Chairman said: “Please continue, Ivan.”

Ivan said: “I have no washing machine.”

The Chairman blustering said: “Why, this is unforgivable.“ Turning to one of his aids he instructed him to take that man’s name so this situation could be rectified.

The next week there was another speech in Red Square and the Chairman was holding forth with the benefits of socialism to the soviet peoples when a hand, near the back of the crowd, shot up. The chairman stopped and pointed to the would be questioner and said, “Yes, what is your question?” Whereupon the man asked: ”Where is Ivan?”

Back in the 1960s it was said this story originated in the Soviet Union, itself. In any event, it is told to demonstrate just how easily such problems are handled when you have a strong central government such as that of the old Socialist Soviet Union, and the one just coming on-line in America today.

The hearings in Washington are being called an “Inquisition” and even a “Show Trial” much as those show trials once held in the “Soviet Union.” Some commentators have said these hearings are the first of the democrats’ “Death Panels.”

Whatever they are, in my opinion, they are right out of the old Socialist Soviet Union’s playbook and Joe Stalin would have been ever so proud!

None of this was unexpected… at least by those of us who have made even a cursory study of world history. I have said often in the past that we have seen this all before – and we have. Back in the 1950s the US Army trained me and my fellow US Army grunts to go to war against socialism and defeat it because it was, in those days, recognized for what it is, the “Killer of Nations.”

It was also understood that socialism was the precursor to full-fledged communism.

As I watched the Obama presidential campaign and it became ever clearer, as the days passed, that he was a full-fledged socialist and, quite likely, a Marxist, as well. We have known for some time that the Democratic Party, long ago, adopted the platform of the Socialist Party. The democrats then claimed it as their own platform. It was clear that if Obama was elected his “socialist assets” were already in place in the US Congress. America was poised for a complete socialist take-over of the entire US Government.

Well, you kow how it played out and the socialist take-over of the US government is now a fait accompli. If even a smidgen of doubt remains, all you have to do is observe the way Obama governs and the way the democrats in Congress govern… I mean with Executive Orders and Czars, plus threats, bribes, show-trials, inquisitions, and out and out thuggery. These are Stalinist Tactics, plain and simple, and they are very effective in bringing a frightened people to heel. It is also extremely effective in manipulating the masses of people, who are “wards of the government,” who depend upon the “government dole” for their continued existence. The New American Socialism as practiced by Obama and the socialist/democrats in the Congress can certainly count on their support no matter how Machiavellian -- no matter how Stalinist -- their behavior becomes.

As I continue to observe socialism at work in Washington, I have concluded the Mainstream Media in America is already government controlled. How else can one explain their total subjection to the New Socialism in Washington? They have completely tossed a side their primary duty, which is to act as a watchdog for the American people, keeping a close eye on the US government and reporting honestly, accurately, and fairly on what that government is doing. Now they print and broadcast “The Party Line” not unlike the press of the old Socialist Soviet Union.

The American people quickly caught on and turned to the “citizen journalists” who have taken to the World Wide Web to report the truth to their fellow citizens instantaneously no matter where in the world they happen to be. The citizen journalist must be brought to heel, because they present a definite threat to the Obama Regime and the New Socialist Government in America.

How long, I wonder, before the knocks on the door at 3 AM. How long before Obama’s secret agents begin to escort dissidents to Washington, to answer some questions about exactly what we meant when we published such words in our commentaries, which are splashed all across the World Wide Web.

The opening salvo has been fired. The show trials and the inquisitions have only just begun. Freedom and liberty cannot co-exist with socialism, Marxism, and communism. Being just a little bit socialist is much like being a little bit pregnant.

The Mid Term Elections in November will decide America’s fate. Either we toss out as many socialists as we possibly can, or we seal our fate as a socialist/communist nation. America cannot be a little bit socialist.

J. D. Longstreet

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