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America turns it’s back on the “American Family”

America turns it’s back on the “American Family”
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

What has happened to the American family? It doesn’t exist, anymore. Oh, we have something we like to call "family", often times living beneath the same roof, but it’s not family… not in the true sense of the word.
America has redefined “family” until we have defined it out of existence. I think that was intentional. Our socialist brothers and sisters, on the left, want to control this country and to do that they must destroy the basic building blocks of this republic and reassemble those blocks to suit themselves.
The single most important building block of any nation is her families. Destroy that and you can easily lay claim to a nation’s soul. And that is exactly what has happened.
I saw, a short time ago in the press, that families with unmarried parents now out number families with married parents in America. In the first place, the group of people with unmarried parents, at its head, is NOT a family... in the true sense of the word. So the entire report was based upon the flawed assumption that a family is a group of people with the authority figure either married or unmarried. That is not the classic family. That is a mob.
Americans, look around you and consider that we have a society rotten at its core.
The core of civilization is the family and when that core does not exist, or is mortally wounded, as ours in America is, then a country’s entire society is in peril. If there is any doubt that America’s society is in danger, pick up any newspaper, turn on any TV news channel, or just stand still for a moment and look a round you.
We have failed, as a people, to protect our families. We have, through social programs, and such, made it much easier to dissolve the family and to create something acceptable to the “socialist shadow government”, working behind the scenes in America, in order to provide the necessities for that group without actually working for it, nor providing the guidance of a nuclear family. The children coming out of such a "mock-up" of a family have no way of knowing that their experience was anything less than normal and they create their own… and in so doing… perpetuate the rot at our core.
Here in America we have an entire underclass, and entire segment of American society, who are wards of the US government.
We have so may children, and grown young people, now, who were “raised by a village”, and not a family, that they lack those “familial ties” that anchor all humanity to the core of a family and that core is… love for one another. It isn’t there... and they are empty. Their souls are just barely attached to their bodies.
We have been breeding and raising psychopaths!
We look around us in awe, and wonder, when some child, or young adult, walks into a school with a gun, and begins to pump round after round into innocent children. We gaze at the vivid stories on TV news of heinous murders committed by a young person who looks just like the boy, or girl, living down the street from us. And… we still don’t get it.
It’s OUR fault.
We destroyed the American family. Why? Because it was expedient. A tight nit family is nearly impossible to manipulate. But as with any organization, break it apart… and you can destroy it, piece by piece, and that is what we have done.
Our children are sent to nurseries, as sucklings, because the mother must report for work at the end of the allotted family leave period. The children don’t see their parents, save for short periods in the morning, as they are prepared for daycare, in the evenings as they are prepared for bed, and on the weekend when parents are worn out from their daily jobs and have no time to spend with them.
Then those same children are sent off, at the age of six, to the public school system run by a government intent on molding their minds in the way it would have them go… and they spend 12 years in that system. The tie with their parents remains about the same, but becomes even more tenuous as the years speed by.
Then… there is college. And there the finished product is rolled out. The liberalities of the college instructors and professors further mold those young minds into automatons of the socialist agenda.
The process is now complete and the product is a near heartless, soulless, individual who believes his upbringing was NORMAL!!!
We have at least two generations of these automatons walking among us. They are now in positions of power in our government, in our universities, in our public schools, and in our churches… and America is the worse for it.
In a five-year period (2004 through 2008), 15,000 Americans, per year, were murdered by fellow Americans. 100,000 women a year were raped in America, and 1 million Americans, per year were subjected to some sort of violent crime. (These numbers only account for the five years 2004 through 2008.)
That bright shinning city on a hill has been corrupted and has become dull and it’s luster is gone. No longer does it stand as a shining beacon to the remainder of mankind as the promise of a nation, which seeks after God and liberty for its people.
It is said that all great nations commit suicide. Consider the Greeks and the Romans, from which America drew so much in founding this republic. Those great civilizations have been tossed into the dustbin of history. I am deeply afraid that America will soon join them.
As a society defines its families… so it defines itself. The American family has been ruled, for all intents and purposes, irrelevant. We no longer even understand what a family is. The family was the bedrock upon which the pillars of this great society were seated. That bedrock has crumbled and our society is showing the effects. (I refer you to the paragraph above with the statistics of violent crime committed by Americans against Americans.)
It is said that change is inevitable. That may be, but change can be guided and channeled in the direction a society wishes to travel. In America’s case, we channeled change in the wrong direction. We replaced America’s reliance upon God with reliance upon the Federal Government. We replaced the Ten Commandments with a code of laws developed by man and loosely based on the Ten Commandments, but… we deny even that. We replaced God in our public schools with school councilors, and policemen, and metal detectors… and murder. Our religion has gone weak in the knees with many of America’s mainline churches, saying openly, that the scriptures, which have served us for well over 2000 years, are no longer relevant, that God doesn’t actually matter anymore. The plain truth is, dear reader, we have condemned ourselves.
Can we turn it around? That remains to be seen. America is racing toward the apocalypse, the final hour when all will be irrelevant. Nothing will matter any longer. “The End” will have been writ large across the pages of history and America will be but a footnote. The scriptures tell us that God’s Spirit will not always strive with man. At some point God will pull back that protecting hand, that guiding hand, that gracious hand.
America has grown fat and arrogant and, like the builders of the tower of Babel, we have taken it upon ourselves to “be like God”. And, frankly… we’re not big enough.
Man’s instructions were simply enough. A man and woman should cling to one another and be fruitful and multiply... and create families. Children were admonished to honor their fathers and mothers. The parents, likewise, were admonished to not provoke their children to anger. In other words… love one another. Love was the basic building block of the family and the family was the basic building block of man’s society. Now, here in America, we have destroyed the family. Our foundation is gone, our anchor is gone, and we are adrift, soon to slip beneath the waves… as history sails on… without America.
J. D. Longstreet

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