Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Never Allow A Serious Crisis To Go To Waste

Never Allow A Serious Crisis To Go To Waste
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

A think we can all agree that the “Gulf Gusher” crisis is serious. And I AM concerned. Certainly, I am concerned over the problems presented by the oil leak in the ocean, but, frankly, I am concerned more about what may be happening in Washington while America’s attention is focused on that crisis.

It was Obama’s Chief of Staff whom famously, or infamously, said: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” THAT worries me because I have to wonder what the Obama Regime is using the Gulf Oil spill to camouflage.

If we know anything about this regime, it is that they will use the opportunity presented by the gushing oil to slip something through the Congress or, by executive order, slip something through one or more of the cabinet offices that they know the American people would raise holy heck about – if only they knew it was happening.

Its not that this approach to governing is new -- for it most certainly is not. Diversion is one of the oldest tools in the “politics toolbox.” However, in a representative republic it is not only distasteful, it is, well, not representative of the will of the people. It intentionally shuts the people out. It silences their voice. It brings to a screeching halt any input into the legislative process by the people. “Vox Populi” is censored – period!

I am more than a little concerned the Obama Regime will take advantage of the current crisis to make things happen in Washington that ordinarily would not happen.

As we have noted many times in the past, Obama promised to fundamentally change America -- and he is doing just that.

If you have paid attention to the Presidential polls you have seen that Obama’s approval ratings have dropped drastically in the past few months. That is indicative of the fact that more and more Americans are recognizing the humongous error the country made in electing a socialist to the Presidency.

Little by little Americans have come to realize the dangers Obama’s plans hold for the sustainability of a constitutional republic. Many of those who voted for Obama now realize they do NOT want the change he is bent on bringing to America. They have come to realize, also, the price to be paid for Obama’s America is a loss of freedom.

Conservatives all across the country are banding together to fight Obama’s plans for a socialist America in groups such as the Tea Party Movement. There are many other groups gearing up to fight the socialists, progressives, marxists, and liberals in the 6 months, or so, to the Mid-Term Election in November.

As we observe the ineptitude of a President, obviously “in over his head,” trying to manage the “Gulf Gusher” problem, it is clear that his regime is all but useless in an emergency situation. Many are wondering just how he would react in the aftermath of another terrorist attack when he appears so befuddled by a so-called environmental catastrophe. The answer, I am afraid, does not reinforce one’s faith in the continued viability of America as a single 50 state country.

Yes, it IS terrible to contemplate – but there it is.

J. D. Longstreet

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