Thursday, July 1, 2010


A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

We have HAD IT … with the politicians running the US government today! To narrow it down, a bit, we are writing, most specifically, about the Socialist-Democrats in Congress and the Socialist-Marxist in the White House.

We, the American people, have been shut out of our own government. Legislation is now made behind closed doors, as our Congresspersons and Senators cut themselves off from the very folks they swore to represent.

Their arrogance and condescension is nauseating. Anyone questioning them is at risk of being made a fool of, in public, before his friends and neighbors. How DARE we question our “betters?”

They blatantly go against the will of the American people by passing laws that are flat-out against the American will.

They refuse to defend the country from those stealing across its borders to take up residence, illegally, and begin sucking up every dollar possible from the people’s treasury, which is administered by the same socialist-democrats who then swear they are doing everything they can do to secure the border. That, dear reader is a LIE!

Our current government consists of socialists, Marxists, communists, progressives, and a handful of pitiful, completely malleable, liberals, as well as the RINOS from the right side of the aisle. THESE are the people taking the United States down the tube to that vast sewer of failed socialist nations whose citizens bought the scam lock, stock, and barrel – just as the millions of naïve, hopelessly vacuous, elites from the political left are doing now, today, with the propaganda spewed forth by the legions of Obama supporters hell bent on crushing the American Constitutional Republic.

They MUST bring about the total collapse of America in order for them to remold America into a socialist/marxist/communist police state – a nightmare for freedom-loving people EVERYWHERE.

The freedom-loving people in the US had had it. They are shouting to Washington, and to the world, that they have had enough of American-style socialism and are taking a stand against it.

Unemployment in America continues to hover around ten percent. The stock market seems to have taken a plunge that may yet prove fatal to the national economy.

The national debt is soaring while Congress continues to spend wildly, having closed their ears to pleas from their constituents to stop the spending, and the borrowing, that will keep us in debt for generations of unborn Americans in the future.

Americans are angry – angrier than I have ever seen them in my nearly seven decades on the planet. They believe, and rightly so, their government is out of control. The facts certainly seem to bear them out.

A number of national grassroots movements (the best known is the Tea Party) have spread across America, like wildfire, as Americans, afraid of losing their country band together to fight for the preservation of their freedom and liberty and their constitutional republic.

The battle cry is “ENOUGH!”

Enough taxes.

Enough spending.

Enough borrowing.

We have had ENOUGH of their elitist arrogance.

We are sick to death of the left’s limp-wristed political correctness. Again, we say, ENOUGH!

Enough of the Globalists “Open Borders” policy! We want our borders secured. (And Obama can forget about amnesty for Illegal Aliens – unless, of course, he does it as a king would do it, as a dictator would do it: by executive order.)

We have had enough of the Democrat Party’s socialism/Marxism, communism, statism, collectivism, and progressivism in the Congress AND in the Oval Office.

We are fed up! We will not tolerate being pushed around by our very own government -- the one WE elected at the ballot box!

Again, and again, and again, we say: ENOUGH!

Understand, dear reader, WE ARE AMERICANS, DAMNIT! AMERICANS DO NOT TOLERATE THIS KIND OF GOVERNMENT! It is a threat to our liberty! It is a threat to our Freedom! It is a clear and present danger to our republic!

We MUST begin now to fight back -- all the way to the ballot box this coming November. We MUST purge our Congress of as many socialists, communists, Marxists, collectivists, Statists, progressives, and yes, liberals as are offered to us on the ballots.

We have NO CHOICE if America is to be rescued – if America is to be saved!
J. D. Longstreet

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