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Was it the last Fourth?

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J. D. Longstreet


Was it the last Fourth? (From


I don’t know about you but, for myself there was a certain melancholy surrounding me on the 4th of July.

We made it through 234 years of freedom and I couldn’t help feel that we are on the cusp of not making it to 235.

There was one bright and hopeful glimmer late in the evening as I watched the Macy’s fireworks display from New York. I was both pleased and very surprised by the selection of the songs being played as the sky was illuminated with bursts of red, white and blue. Did you happen to see the Macy’s show? They played songs like; Onward Christian Soldiers, Battle Hymn of the Republic, When the Saints go Marching In, God Bless America and more. Was this a line in the sand? Had the organizers said, “Enough of this political correctness”. Is God, nay, is Christianity once again an approved sentiment in our public arenas? Or, was it a last gasp.

My neighborhood was ablaze with flags and bunting just as in other years. Yet there seemed to be less joy in the air. Was it the stifling heat? Or was it the weight of a realization that Obamanation was in full fury? We are ever so close to losing our Republic and our way of life. For those on the Gulf destruction is well underway. Will socialism spread across our land like a slimy film of crude? Or will the thrill of last evening’s celebration carry us through to November when we can begin reclaiming our rightful freedoms and prosperity?

The jury is still out as they say.

Ed Driscoll has a collection of thoughts on this our 234th anniversary that is well worth reading. One of the passages recounted is by Roger L. Simon. Here is a portion:

But whatever we call our situation, the causes of our malaise are all too apparent — a depressed economy, out-of-control government spending with the largest deficits since World War II, an intractable ecological disaster with no plan how to end it, a continuing global war against an enemy we dare not even name, a mad theocracy on the verge of nuclear weapons, and so on.

Worst of all, however, may be the growing cancer inside our own house. Difficult as our problems may be, they can be resolved democratically in a society under the rule of law. But we have reason to believe that these days, that most basic of all our legal principles, that keystone of our system, one which was fought for by generations of Americans, equality before the law, is under attack at the center of our government.

We are now all enlisted in this crusade to save America. God bless us all.

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This article was published here with permission frm

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