Sunday, June 17, 2007

Do We Have a Rogue Government in Washington?
Now, I’m not going to sit here and say to the President, my US Senators, and My Congressmen that if they want me to support the Immigration Bill, first build a fence along the border. No, I’m not going to say that.

What I AM going to say is… We don’t NEED the new Immigration Bill! Not at all! We don’t NEED a “guest worker program”! Americans will gladly pay more for their produce if it means that can continue to maintain America as an independent, English-speaking, nation. Heck, the money we save on the welfare services we now give, free, to the illegal immigrants would off-set the higher prices for produce at the market! No, we don’t need either of those things.

What we DO NEED is enforcement of the immigration laws we have on the books today!

To secure the border we need a fence… a physical fence. Not some piss-ant virtual fence with sensors and cameras and fly-overs by unarmed drone aircraft. All that does is complicate the process. When the illegals cross over they still have to be hunted down and sent back. So, stop them from ever crossing that border with an honest to goodness double fence with a patrol road between the fences. If I had my preference, I’d sew the area in front of the fence with anti-personnel mines. If a coyote walks into that zone he is instantly blown to bits. That will get someone’s attention.

Harsh? You bet it is! When national security is at stake, harshness is the way to go!

Again, the bill before the US Senate is an Amnesty Bill. No matter how you slice it, no matter how much perfume they sprinkle over it, it still stinks to high heavens. And you know what??? They’re going to pass that abomination of a bill over our protests if we don’t rattle the cages of the Senators in Washington, but good! Actually, I am satisfied that if there is any way, by hook or by crook, the two parties, in cahoots with each other, will see that this bill is passed.

We have the closest thing to a rogue government in Washington today as this nation has ever had. They are totally unresponsive to the citizens of the nation. I don’t believe they cannot hear us, or that they have misinterpreted what we are telling them about this immigration bill. I believe they hear us, loud and clear, and simply don’t give a damn what you and I want. They intend to do what they want instead. That behavior, dear reader, is the definition of a rogue government.

As an American citizen I am frustrated beyond all measure at what passes for a government in Washington, DC today! It is a pathetic bunch of political hacks unfit to run for dogcatcher, let alone an office representing my interests in the nation’s seat of government.

Alas, this is the kind of government we get when that form of Marxism we call “Political Correctness” takes over a country! The truth is shown the door for fear of offending someone… anyone! So, our Congresspersons, our Senators, and even our President, will lie to us… and tell themselves they are “protecting” us. They’ll convince themselves that they know best what is good for us and they will simply tune us out! That is what this government has done. Tuned us out!

Now you know what Southerners from1828 up to April of 1861 felt like! Their government (the US government) had tuned them out, too. We all know how that ended. We Southerners LOST OUR COUNTRY! And, guess what??? If this continues we are going to lose our country AGAIN, this time... along with the rest of our fellow Americans! That’s how serious this is.

Not content to lie down and rollover, I intend to rattle cages in DC this week. At least, if we lose... and the Amnesty Bill passes, I will have the knowledge that I DID make an effort to contribute to the forces trying to stop it. That’s not much consolation, I know, but it is all we have these days.


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  1. Government is always full with people with many background... But one thing that no doubt, they are the man behind the gun.