Monday, June 11, 2007

John McCain is Done, Finished, Kaput!

John McCain is Done, Finished, Kaput!
The folks in my home state of South Carolina were not enamored of John McCain to begin with, especially after his swipe at out Southern Heritage back in 2000, but in the past few days, when McCain came out in favor of Ted Kennedy’s Immigration bill, that was the straw which broke the camels back!

The two Carolinas, like the Border States, are submerged under layer upon layer of illegal immigrants. We have HAD IT! So, when the President, McCain, and Ted Kennedy tried to ram their new AMNESTY bill through the Senate, The Sandlappers and the Tar Heels went to war! They burned up the phone lines between the Iodine State, the Tar Heel State and Washington DC! The DC fax machines were smoking. The e-mail was jamming inboxes at the SC delegation’s and the NC delegation’s respective offices. The Carolinas had had enough! Turns out the Carolinas were not alone in their anger and consternation at a government so completely out of touch with its constituents! When South Carolina’s Senator, Lindsey Graham, is booed by his own constituents on his home state soil…. then you’ve got some angry, hostile, Sandlappers!

Senator Graham is in extremely hot water, back home, in South Carolina. By observing the man they sent to the US Senate to represent the people of the state associating himself with John McCain, South Carolinians feel a certain sense of being “sold out”. When Senator McCain sides with Ted Kennedy, and Senator Graham sides with McCain…. do you see why conservative South Carolina would feel that way? They are letting the good senator know exactly where he stands in their esteem. It isn’t very high. Senator Graham may well be on his way back to South Carolina, as a private citizen, before too much longer.

The angry people of this nation strangled the Amnesty Bill in the Senate. Now we must gather strength to fight the fight, all over again, in the US House of Representatives if it becomes necessary. However, for Congresspersons to know that even if they pass the Amnesty Bill out of their chamber, it will go nowhere… once it hits the Senate. Since we have a bi-cameral legislature, no single branch can pass a bill into law, even with the President’s signature.

Look, the "common sense" thing for the Congress to do, is one: Enforce the immigration laws we already have on the books, and two: secure the border. If it takes a 60-foot high concrete wall, twenty feet thick, then build it. Then… begin the deportation process. We have to first stop the tsunami of illegals flooding across the border before we can begin to seriously get a handle on those who have already helped themselves to the bounty of this land.

I have a feeling that those who felt the ’08 election would turn on the war in Iraq are wrong. The coming election appears to be about which candidate will stop the largest land invasion in the history of human kind. Honestly, I don’t now see a candidate among them, from either side, able, nor willing, to interrupt the flow of illegals into this country.

What a sad, sad, commentary on America’s leaders!


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