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Appeasement, Retreat, Surrender, and Continued War!

(This article first ran in December of 2006!)


Appeasement, Retreat, Surrender, and Continued War!


One of my all time favorite politicians was Sir Winston Churchill. The whiskey drinking, cigar puffing, old codger had a scalpel sharp mind, and a tongue which was equally as sharp, and he used both to pin his political foes to the wall on many, many occasions.

As I look about me today, the current history of the world is mirroring that of 1938 and 1939. The bad guys are crowding ever closer to the borders of the free world and we all know, way down in our souls, where we live, that they mean us nothing but death and destruction. Yet like our predecessors of the 1930’s we have managed to don those rose colored glasses and, when that doesn’t work, we have taught ourselves to turn a blind eye to those who have every intention of killing us and our families. We have deluded ourselves into believing that we are not at war for our lives and that they enemy is not as bad as he appears and we just KNIOW we can do business with him!

Like our predecessors, of the 1930’s, we are living a lie…a lie that will ultimately cost the lives of millions of people in the United States and additional millions around the globe.

Our British cousins thought they could talk to Hitler and charm him into letting them alone. So they sent their “best and brightest” to persuade Mr. Hitler. I will never forget Neville Chamberlain stepping from the aeroplane, at the aerodrome, and waving a white piece of paper and making the pronouncement of: “Peace in our time”!

One man saw Hitler for what he was. One man had the courage to speak out against the appeasement of Hitler. Sir Winston Churchill. Of the Chamberlain delusion he said: “He was given a choice between war and dishonor. He chose dishonor… and he will have war anyway”!

Well, the report of the ISG was just released. (Escaped would be a better description of what happened!) It sounds as if Neville Chamberlain, himself, had written it.

When I say the ISG I don’t meant the “Iraq Study Group”, I mean the “Iraq Surrender Group”! For that is what it turned out to be… even as we knew it would from the moment of its creation.

The group offered nothing but dozens and dozens of suggestions on how the US could, and should, cover it’s a-- while retreating from Iraq! Again, as in the 1930’s we are appeasing the enemy.

Churchill said: “An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile hoping it will eat him last”! The Islamofacist crocodile will continue its attack, even if we run away. Millions more innocent people will die because we did not have the courage and the moral clarity to see the world we live in today as it really is and not the clouded rose colored vision our leaders are pushing upon us.

“Victory will never be found by taking the line of least resistance”! Again, that was Churchill.

Fighting and winning wars is a hard thing. It is usually the most difficult thing a nation is ever called upon to do. What the Leftists from both the Democrat Party and the Republican Party, in America, are calling upon this great nation to do is… to take the path of least resistance. We are being told we must surrender for we have no chance at victory. I submit to you… we haven’t tried for victory yet. We’ve been too busy trying to appease the enemy while at the same time our troops are being killed for nothing!

Unleash the US Military, put in the numbers of troops needed to complete the mission (and then some), and get it done. If we must resort to nuclear weapons, then don’t hesitate. Use them.

Let’s clean the mess we have in Iraq up, acquire victory, and THEN we can bring our troops home.

In closing, I want to leave you with something to think about. The American Left, and the Leftist in the Mainstream Media, is forcing the US Military to resort to Nuclear Weapons to fight, and win, wars in the future. It’s something to think about, and something to look forward to in a future post.


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