Monday, August 6, 2007

Dick Cheney for PRESIDENT in ’08!!!!

Dick Cheney for PRESIDENT in ’08!!!!

I make no secret of the fact that I am a fan of Dick Cheney! I just LIKE the guy! He’s a man’s man! Cheney is a “Take no prisoners” conservative. He knows what he believes and you are not going to shake him!

During the run-up to the 2000 election, I would tell anyone who would stand still long enough, that the GOP Presidential ticket was backwards! It was my belief that it should have been the Cheney/Bush ticket. I have watched this administration closely, from day one, and I see no reason to doubt my feelings in 1999 and 2000. Cheney should have been the President.

Now… don’t try to tell me Cheney IS the President. Don’t try to tell me that Bush is a puppet and Cheney pulls the strings. That is as wrong as wrong can possibly be. It’s Leftist propaganda.

President Bush is a lot of things… and… he is NOT a lot of things, but… one thing he is… is… his own man! He gives the orders as the President. I admire that. I may not agree with some of the orders he gives (and I don’t!) … but he has the cajones to do it. The Democrat’s efforts to remove those cajones have failed at every turn.

Cheney is the “Quiet Man”. He gets things done. He makes no big deal of it and he avoids the spotlight, but while the Left is watching the President, Cheney keeps the President’s agenda on course and working.

From referring to an aggravating reporter as an “a**hole” to directing a democrat Senator to “go f*** yourself”, the fire in Cheney's belly endears him to me. I cannot count the times I have longed to do, and say, the same thing, especially to that bunch of limp-wristed Senators in the US Senate today.

OF COURSE the dems hate him! Anyone not a “milquetoast” Vice President, in the mold of Walter Mondale, is to be feared by the dems. (Need we remind you how much the American people thought of Mondale when he ran for president???)

No, Cheney will not run for President in ’08, or any other year for that matter. But, I have to tell you, if the GOP doesn’t give us a REAL conservative candidate… and soon, Cheney will be written in... on at least ONE ballot in ’08.

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  1. Cheney also supports free trade and the North American Union too, glad to see that those are conservative? stances...

    Just remember, when you look at Mt. Rushmore, how many of those G.O.P. faces were "Open Border Free Traders"?

    I don't think any one of the front runners is truly who "We the people" need now, and if we saw one he or she would not get the press.... Kucinich in '08!

  2. Looks like we BOTH picked losers!HA!

    On another note... have you noticed another "commenter" writing as "Frank"? Maybe it's my imagination... but I thought I detected a second Frank out there recently.

    Best regards!


  3. On another note... have you noticed another "commenter" writing as "Frank"? Maybe it's my imagination... but I thought I detected a second Frank out there recently.
    I think it's all me, but i will look through the archives....

  4. I guess he's better than Dan Quayle.