Friday, August 10, 2007

The Name “Dept. of Homeland Security” needs to be changed… badly!

The Name “Dept. of Homeland Security” needs to be changed… badly!

Does it bother anyone, but me, that the name “Department of Homeland Security” smacks of some “Nazi” name for one of their state agencies?

Many years ago we had the agency known simply as Civil Defense. Then it became “Emergency Preparedness” and in later years, I lost track.

Seems to me Civil Defense should be reinstated. At lease the name of Homeland Security should be changed to Civil defense.

Of course, I’m not holding my breath until that happens!

I suppose there are enough young Americans who have no memory of the Third Reich that agency names like “Homeland Security” doesn’t stir the soul as it did… not too many years ago.

Why not change The Department of Defense back to The War Department and change Homeland Security’s name to The Defense Department? Just a suggestion.

Words have meaning. Names have meaning. Well, they USED to before Political Correctness. Now everything is clocked in “feel good” phrases that do nothing but hide the truth from public view. But that is an article for another day.


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  1. Sometimes names mean what they say.

    "Homeland Security" (apart from the apartheid connotations) implies a greater concern with finding enemies of the state than recovery from disasters. Oerhapps that's why there was such a poor response to 9/11 and Katrina.

  2. FEMA should have never been folded into Homeland Security. FEMA should be a "Stand Alone Agency".

  3. check this out....

    Originally it called for FEMA to run this, oh yeah and this all came to light due to testimony of Ollie North about the Iran/Contra illegal operations... Nice G.O.P. you have there! Conservatives would never let a little thing like the constitution get in the way of their dreams for totalitarian world dominance. look at how they want to split up California’s Electoral College, not even close to what our founding fathers had in mind.

    The plan to merge the FBI & CIA under 1 agency has been around since Nixon, they (the conservatives) just needed something big enough to do it, the D. H. S. as been planed for years. And yes it is design to keep an over reaching government safe from it's subjects, I mean citizens... Wire tapping, data mining, tracking librarie activities... shoot the whole "Patriot Act" is to protect the government from us. I'd rather have a risk of 911 every day than be a slave to the Imperialist American Conservatives.