Monday, August 20, 2007

The Originalist US

The Originalist US


On the evening of Thursday August 2nd, 2007 GOP Congressman walked off the floor of the US house and effectively shut it down for the evening.

It was the smartest move I have seen the Republicans make on Capitol Hill for a while now.

If only we could get the GOP Senators to do the same….

The only time the country is truly safe is when the National Legislature is shut down! I fear the Democrats in Congress far more than I fear al Qaeda!

What Americans see in Congress now, is the best example I can think of to exemplify the reason so many of us wanted “Term Limits”. It is also the reason so many of THEM did not!

Now, we Conservatives and Liberals fuss, and argue, with each other on a continuous basis. That’s what we do. It is healthy for our country. Both of us have a set of core beliefs and we believe, deep down at our core, that we are right. I see nothing wrong with that. But now, as we argue with each other, I have noticed, of late, that both sides seem to share a certain shame over the conduct of those elected to Congress to represent them, respectively in the national legislature. I gotta tell you… we DO have some real “lulus” in Congress!

Take a look at the crowd in Congress: We have a group who need to be in prison. We have a group who need to be back home, and we have a group who need to be in a nursing home somewhere!

I sometimes think we need to set up a mandatory school for all new Congresspersons and Senators to teach them The Constitution. I mean the REAL one! The one our forefathers wrote. The one Lincoln trashed and began our long descent into dictatorial power for the President and the Congress with the institution of the all-powerful federal government. . I mean the Constitution, which was written… not to protect the government… but to protect the citizens of the several states AGAINST the government… by curtailing the power of that government.

But, you see, we have an electorate so “dumb”, so uneducated about their own country, about their own form of government, about the Founding Fathers, about the way government is supposed to work in this country, as dictated by the original constitution, that the power happy mad men, and mad women, in the Congress can get away with, durn near, anything by simply SAYING it is constitutional. Who is going to challenge them? Huh? You? Me? Who, exactly, will stand up and say: “Enough! We demand a return to Constitutional Government in this country”!

It ain’t gonna happen!


Because the last time that was tried there was a bloody war in this country which lasted four years and claimed the lives of 660,000 Americans and we STILL lost to those who hi-jacked constitutional government in the United States.

So, yes, I am happy when there is gridlock in the US Congress! I am happier still when Congress is shut down. As a conservative, I do not believe Congress is only doing its job when it is passing laws into existence. The more laws… the more governance. The more governance, the easier it becomes for the governed to become subjugated to the governors. That is the unhappy situation we, as a country, find ourselves in today.

How did we get here? Ignorance. Why do we allow ourselves to be held in bondage to the dictatorial power of the government… a government never intended by the founders of this country? Ignorance. The most intriguing question of all, however, is… how did we become so ignorant of the basic foundation of this country… the basis of our freedom, the US Constitution?

There is an easy answer: A National Education System in league with a political movement in this country which has, as it’s goal, separating the people from democracy and enslaving them with socialism. It is a goal easily accomplished, once you confuse a people and remove them from their heritage. For the bulk of Americans, that has already been done. But… for that remnant of people, mostly in the southern states, who stubbornly hold on to their heritage, hold on to the original idea of the Constitution, it is an everyday battle just to maintain their identity. They still know who they are. And they are the flies in the ointment for those whose goal it is to de-construct the America of greatness and recreate, in it’s stead, a country of mediocrity such as the modern European nations.

Oh, Longstreet, you’re overreacting to all this!

Am I? Really?

Even now our own government is in negotiations with two other countries on this continent to merge the three countries into one. Mexico, the US and Canada will become the “North American Union”… if they have their way. THEN… whose constitution will hold sway over America? Like the European Union, will they try to impose a Constitution of the North American Union? You bet they will! That European Union Constitution plan was stalled by France, and a couple other European nations, but is only simmering on the back burner ready to be brought forth again in the future. You can count on it.

Little by little, and bit by bit, we are losing our country, America. Much of modern America is already irretrievably lost. Sad to say, many Americans are guilty of aiding and abetting those who would relegate America to the dust heap of history.

Here in the suburban, the rural, South, our ancestors warned of this as far back as the 1820’s. It led to the bloodiest war in American history and those Southern prophets were silenced by force of arms at the point of the bayonet. Today, their modern day descendants are sorrowfully declaring to the remainder of America: “We told you so!”

There is no doubt that the repository for originalist constitutional knowledge lies in the Southern States of America. It is also the last, great, hope for a doomed nation. It is ironic that that portion of America, which so threatened the elitist Americans that they went to war to silence them, may yet be the savior of that self same group of effete, elitists who have guided America into the ignorance of her heritage which has brought her to the doorstep of ignominy.

After humiliating the South for nearly 150 years, to ask the South to save America now, is asking a lot… maybe, too much. Frankly, I am not sure the people of the South would feel inclined to do so. Such a thing must be asked of those with pure hearts and clean hands… and few survive. In the on-going battle to preserve our identity, and our heritage, the grime of battle sullies most Southerners, even today. It is a difficult thing to save those who would subjugate you, especially when your own freedom may be sacrificed by that very act.

In the immortal words of Omar Khayyam: “The moving finger writes; and having writ moves on. Nor all your piety, nor wit, shall lure it back to cancel half a line, nor all your tears wash out a word of it.”


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  1. I sometimes think we need to set up a mandatory school for all new Congresspersons and Senators to teach them The Constitution.
    You should also include the President and Vice president.... Calling these two retards would be offensive to retards...
    Bush is by far the biggest enemy of the constitution followed closely by Cheney, they want to do away with the separation of powers completely and want the D.O.J. to work for them and not the people.... Our soldiers took an oath to defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic, well it needs defended now more than ever. We need to do away with "fast track" and let all trade agreements be decided by Congress as described in the constitution and we need to get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank and let Congress go back to minting the money. We need out of the W.T.O., out of NAFTA, CAFTA and all the other "AFTAs" out there. We need to impose tariffs on foreign garbage that comes into this country, all the things that Congress is supposed to do, but somehow their powers got stripped from them.

  2. You're right! I should have included the President and Vice-President. Consider them included.

    By the way... they take the same oath all US service men and women take.

    I spoke and wrote against NAFTA, CAFTA and all those trade agreements. I have seen my part of the US descimated by those trade agreements! They may have been good for the nation, as a whole, but they sure brought economic devestation to my part of America!

    Best regards,


  3. I spoke and wrote against NAFTA, CAFTA and all those trade agreements. I have seen my part of the US descimated by those trade agreements! They may have been good for the nation, as a whole, but they sure brought economic devestation to my part of America!
    They are only good for those that know the cost of everything and the value of nothing...
    Personaly sir, and you'll call me a pro-union, or communist or what ever you must, but personaly I would rather pay a dollar or two, or three more for everything if it meant my neighbor, or your grand children, or any fellow American had a good paying job to make it. I also don't really see a reduction in price, just a reduction in cost which just equals more profit for the fat cats and less pay for the laborers. We have gone so far back to the right (business wise) it is hard to find a decent paying job.
    NAFTA was the one thing Bill Clinton did I hated. My question is, of all the Republicans on Mt. Rushmore, how many were free traders?