Sunday, July 8, 2007

Be the First on Your Block to Own a Chicom Car!

This article ran first in January of 2005. It has been updated for this week.
Be the first on your block to own a Chicom car!
Oh, yes! The Chinese are coming… in cars. The cars are expected to be ready for sale to the US public in 2007 (Updated to 2008).

Chrysler to sell Chinese-made car in the United States:
Go here:

Now, somehow, I find it almost impossible to see US citizens tooling around town in a car made by an enemy of this country. True, we are, if not the largest trading partner of Red China, surely we are in the top half dozen, or so. But, it’s somehow different to buy a product for several dollars, at one of the Big Box stores, which has the label “Made in China”, and buying a several thousand dollar car with the label: “Made in China” on it.

I mean… these are the people with nukes pointed at us. These are the people we will most likely be at war with, shortly, over Taiwan. These are the people who have been moving, strategically, all over the globe, for many years now, positioning themselves for the coming war with the US. As an example, they now control both ends of the Panama Canal. So, that door is closed to us whenever they decide to close it. These are the people who gave us all those lasting images of “Tanks versus People” in Tianamin Square.

Heck, I still won’t drive a Japanese car because I cannot forgive them for, nor forget, Pearl Harbor and all the American deaths in the Pacific Campaign during WW-2.

We have very short memories in this country.

We fought the Red Chinese to a standstill at the 38th Parallel in Korea in the early ‘50’s. Technically, we are still at war with China, as no peace treaty has yet been signed. We maintain thousands of troops on the border between the two Koreas, even today, to act as a trip wire should the North Koreans and Red Chinese decide to try their luck once again.

Taiwan is the next flash point; it would seem, between the Chicoms and the US. As soon as Taiwan declares its independence we will be at war with China. We have a treaty with Taiwan to come to their defense should this happen. We cannot “not honor” that treaty! We must put the US forces between China and Taiwan. Do not underestimate the Chinese military. What they lack in technology they make up for in sheer numbers.

So, now they want more of our money by selling us cars? Oh yes, people will buy them. Those with loyalty only to their pocketbooks.

Me? Oh sure, I’ll buy one. Just as soon as hell freezes over!


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