Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Conservative Patience is Running Out with Fred Thompson.

Conservative Patience is Running Out with Fred Thompson.
When Fred Thompson named Spencer Abraham as his campaign manager last week, I, along with a LOT of conservatives, was taken aback. Mr. Abraham is known for leaning toward an Open Borders policy for the US. In my estimation, that is a death warrant for the United States.

I have been digging around on the Internet looking for something, anything, from the Thompson Campaign to explain Thompson’s reasoning in hiring Abraham. I found SOME… but not enough… information to offset my unease at Abraham’s hiring.

My friend, Texas Fred, has an excellent article on just this problem. If, you, like me, are concerned over the hiring of Mr. Abraham, and the glaring lack of “positions” coming from the Thompson Campaign, then I recommend you read Texas Fred’s essay here:


Fred has given voice to many of the concerns the conservative spectrum has as a result of Thompson’s less that “fireball” approach to campaigning.

I understand that Thompson has not ACTUALLY become a candidate yet. But that is a matter of publicly announcing and signing a few papers. In the meantime, if Mr. Thompson isn’t very careful, the train will have left the station without him… and… without his conservative backers. The time “to fish, or cut bait” is fast approaching.

Many of the conservatives cannot bring themselves to vote for any of the announced candidates as of this writing. I count myself among them. There is not a true conservative among them. The GOP might as well save its time, energy, and money, and just sit this election out. The Clintons are destined to return, triumphant, to the White House… along with all the problems THAT entails for Americans who embarrass easily.

“Bubba” and the “Ice Queen”. What a pair! At the moment, they have no opposition from the GOP, or the Conservatives. (The separation of GOP and Conservatives was intentional!)

Thompson gave us hope. But, I have to tell you, in all honesty, that hope is dimming quickly. And so is Mr. Thompson’s shot at the White House!


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  1. I feel your pain, truly I do. I know politically we are opposed as hell, but when so many in the nation feel a certain way and neither party will address it due to corporate influence. I hope you now see who is pulling the strings of both parties.... Truly liberal or truly conservative people can't get elected... period. Our political process is a sham. We need a grass roots truly bi political movement that says something to the effect, "these are our core conservative beliefs and we will not vote for anything less" and another one that states the same about liberal beliefs and the fortitude to come together as Americans to put our political parties back on track. Our political process has been seriously hijacked and our democracy, well it is fastly becoming an oligarchy.

    Best Regards