Monday, July 23, 2007

Time for Thompson to Announce!

Fred Thompson Has GOP Nomination Wrapped UP! All He Has To Do Is Announce!!!
As a conservative I have been holding my fire on the current slate of GOP Candidates… save for McCain. I have said, since sometime last year, that McCain could not win, and I didn’t think he would even get the nomination as the GOP’S candidate. Well, you see where Mr. McCain is today... on the sidelines.

Now, I don’t consider myself a pundit, or a prophet. I’m just a little ole country boy, down here in the alligator invested swamps of North Carolina. But, The Creator gave me a fairly active brain and a dose of common sense, which as we all know… is not that common. I didn’t have to read sheep entrails, tea leaves, or Tarot cards to see, many months ago, that McCain could not last the entire race. It was a simple exercise in common sense. McCain is NOT A Conservative. That is all one needed to know. The same can be said of Giuliani and Romney. Neither of them will get the nomination either, unless there is an act of God.

The nomination will belong to Fred Thompson. Actually, it already does. All Fred has to do is announce. And I must tell you... patience is wearing thin here in the conservative ranks. We have all this bottled up enthusiasm, which we have not been able to use for a candidate and we are ready to make that huge push for our candidate to assure him the nomination. But we can’t do it ‘til Fred announces!!!

In the meantime, there is some fear among conservatives that Thompson has waited too long and the Democrats are sucking all the money from the political sphere. Conservative money is still in our pockets. It will go to the coffers of the Thompson campaign.

We were looking for an announcement in July. It didn’t come. Now we are told it will be September. Will we be told something else in September???

Look, we already know Mrs. Bill Clinton will be the Democrat candidate. Most likely her vice-presidential running mate will be Obama. No… not Edwards... not if she wants southern democrat votes. Edwards is an embarrassment to southern males and, frankly, most southern females! Mrs. Clinton’s people are smart enough to know that. So the ticket will be Clinton and Obama. That is whom we have to go after as conservatives.

Go after them, we will. But it would sure be a “huge” help if we had our own announced candidate, out there, doing battle with the democrats right now.

So, until our candidate IS announced, and out there in the arena, we will keep our powder dry and ready ourselves for battle… ready to ride to the sound of the guns.


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  1. Didn't Thompson lobby for a pro-abortion group? Doesn't sound too conservative to me.... Oh maybe he is a "flip-flopper" like all G.O.P. candidates.... He'd only ensure our entry into the N.A.U. and frankly after Bush any smart American would be sick of conservatives, they just can't govern or lead effectively

  2. Frank, on the Thompson and pro-abortion thing… I have heard something about it but I have not seen the details. Rest assured, however that I will get to the bottom of it.

    On the Conservative leadership thing… I don’t know how many times I have to say it… BUSH IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE! Neither was his father Bush the First. There is ZERO Conservative leadership in Washington now. NONE!

    Look, I wanted Dick Chaney for President. As far as I was concerned the Republican ticket in 2000 was in reverse. I’d still vote for Chaney for President if he announced today.

    My friend, I adjure you… please stop referring to President Bush as a conservative. He most definitively is NOT!

    Best regards, my friend!


  3. My friend, I adjure you… please stop referring to President Bush as a conservative. He most definitively is NOT!

    That is what conservatives say in the last term of their beloved candidates when it is so obvious how bad they screwed up. If you could only see the G.O.P. agenda for what it really is, letting corporate power rule over government but have government intrude as an authoritarian state over individuals and consolidate the wealth of this nation to the "super rich". Very bad policies, sorry old friend I think the G.O.P. should be outlawed. I think I know what you stand for and believe me you won't find it in either of the two existing parties. Most republicans I meet are all about talking points and once you get them off that they will no longer debate because the facts just aren't on their side. I know you have too much integrity to be led around by the nose. I am totaly at odds with both parties main candidates. 70% of America says seal the borders and deport illegals, now I may not totaly agree with deportation of 20,000,000 people but that is what the majority want so get on it. 70% of us want us out of Iraq, that should be job 1. 100% of people serveyed want nation of origin labels on our food we buy and Bush won't allow it, it is in the fast track trade agreements he made, we should be taking fast track away from the President it is unconstitutuional. Oh and 65% of Americans want a single payer health insurance plan too.

  4. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

    You and I are both totally put off by the antics of our parties. I've been around for a pretty good while now and, in all my life, I have never seen a US government, I mean the entire 3 branches, so out of touch with the people of the country. They keep saying "the people want this" and "the people want that".... all the while they are trying their dead level best to tell US what WE want!

    I don't know about the folks on your side of the political spectrum, but I can tell you, with no hesitation, that the folks on my side are really, and truly, PO'ed with our party. That is one of the reasons, if not the MAIN reason, the money to the GOP candidates has been turned off. Conservative voters are not contributing. Stopping the flow of funds usually gets their attention when nothing else will.

    Finally, I think the GOP is about to go the way of the WHIG party. And..I'm not sure that wouldn't be a good thing. It might give us a chance to build a political party with the guts to govern as the voters intend. 'Cause the two we have now, surely are not doing that!

    Best regards!


  5. Wha Wadna Fecht for CharlieJuly 24, 2007 at 6:50 AM

    You two give more enthralling debates than your politicians – perhaps you should both run for office. Or how about the Longstreet & Frank Show?

    Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie

  6. HA! Interesting concept!

    I used to do a radio show with a friend who happened to be black. he took the liberal side and I took the conservative side. Sometimes he would lead off the program and on other shows, I would lead off the show. It was great fun. We were good friends, yet we disagreed over politics. Still do. I haven't seen him in years now.

    Good to hear from you, Charlie!

    Best regards!


  7. You two give more enthralling debates than your politicians – perhaps you should both run for office. Or how about the Longstreet & Frank Show?
    At least it would be a "balanced ticket"......