Monday, July 16, 2007

Fairness Doctrine Not Dead. Only Delayed!

Fairness Doctrine Not Dead. Only Delayed!

Ok, so the House voted to kill any quests to re-instate the Fairness Doctrine, right? And the Senate killed an attempt to do pretty much the same thing. Plus, the President has said he will veto it if it gets through both Houses of Congress.

So… that’s it, right?

Not by a LONG SHOT!!!

There is an election coming next year. You can bet the farm that if Democrats maintain control of both houses of Congress, and gain the Presidency as well, the Fairness Doctrine WILL be re-instated ASAP! That is a given!

Add to the mix the very real possibility that they will extend it to cover the Internet as well. So, those of us in the blogosphere may find our free speech stifled just like that of the Broadcasters. Don’t tell me that can’t happen! As a Blogger who has had his blog locked, already, and access denied to him, I can tell you it is a horrifying feeling. One feels as if one has been muzzled.

One of the chief concerns of the left is freedom of speech. It is troublesome for them. When you look at the countries around the globe in which the Left has taken over established governments you quickly see that the very first thing they do… is muzzle the Broadcast stations and the printed media which is not supportive of the Left. It is what they do. Until the Internet came along, there had never been a successful revolution, in modern history, until the Broadcast stations were neutralized FIRST!

And that is exactly what the Left is trying to do with the Fairness Doctrine. Neutralize the Broadcast Media.

The Broadcast Media is a powerful force for freedom. It is truly the voice of the people. And therein lies the rub! Vox populae. The people’s voice(s). Broadcast media with a conservative message is a threat to the political left. Give them credit for understanding that, at least.

And, there’s one thing, which just grinds on me… that is the left’s fascination with fairness… across the board.

Look, one of the first things I learned as a child, no less, is that life ain’t fair! If it was… individuals would have no impetus to better themselves. One faces adversity and one triumphs over it… or one fails. If one fails one should learn from that failure… and press on. That is not the way the left sees it, apparently. In their view… one should never have to triumph over adversity. One should never be faced with adversity. That’s fine for a “blob”. But not for a human being to grow as a human being.

In their drive to make things “fair” they have brought despair and misunderstanding upon the American people. As a result we have turned out a couple of generations of young Americans who have no idea how to deal with adversity. And, oh Lord, how it shows!

One example is that clause in the Constitution, which guarantees Americans freedom of speech. The Constitution does not, however, grant American the right to have someone actually listen to what they may speak. Nowhere does it guarantee an American the right to be heard! So, our friends on the left feel compelled to correct that. Enter: The Fairness Doctrine.

This blog is a perfect example of freedom of speech. It is also an example of my not having the right to be heard! I can make my opinions known here and you can decide whether you want to read what I have to say, or not. There are no guarantees.

Yes, the Fairness Doctrine is definitely a threat to Freedom of Speech. If for no other reason we Americans must see that it is never re-enacted.

America has given up entirely too much of it’s freedom, beginning with the Lincoln Administration, to present. It is past time to call a halt to encroaching anarchy. We should do it now while there are still a few of us “Old Timers” still around who remember what a great nation the US used to be.


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