Sunday, July 15, 2007

Conservatives are Holding onto their Political Contributions!

Conservative Money is Being Deliberately Held from Current GOP Candidates.
Have you noticed how the GOP Presidential candidates are running out of money? Have you noticed that the Democrat candidates are drawing more money from contributors? You’d have to have been living under a rock to miss it. The MSM has made a huge thing of it. What they are not telling you is the reason. I mean the real reason. So, I’m going to tell you!

Conservative money remains, at this point, in the pockets of conservatives. We have no one to whom to contribute. If you think we are going to contribute to McCain, Giuliani, or Romney, you are sadly mistaken. Ain’t going to happen!

The moment Fred Thompson announces officially, the purse strings will be loosed, on the right, and the cash will flow into his coffers. McCain is done and so are the other two, Giuliani and Romney.

Conservatives are on the sidelines in this presidential campaign… at least until a conservative announces. I mean, of course, a conservative who has a realistic chance of winning.

What kind of impact will there be on the Presidential Election when the Conservatives become engaged? Like night and day. You saw the power we brought to bear on the President, and the Congress, over the Amnesty Bill. And that’s nothing compared to a sustained campaign to get a real conservative in the Whitehouse so we can protect our gains on the Supreme Court. Sure, it’s nice to have the US House and the US Senate within conservative control, but we’ll trade you both the House and Senate for the US Supreme Court… any day.

We need, at least, one more conservative justice on the Court. Two, if we can get them. Without the office of the President in conservative hands that is not likely to happen. Plus, we need a real conservative President who will order the border with Mexico sealed.

The point is… do not be persuaded by the MsM that Americans are favoring Democrats this election cycle just because the money is drying up for the GOP candidates. The money is there, unspent and reserved… for a conservative candidate.

Come on, Fred! It’s time to announce and lets get this show on the road!


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